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Seiko Clocks' most popular clock! The Beatles & Opening Face Clock by Seiko & Melodies in Motion goes into action every hour on the hour as the clock dial opens (number 9 to number 3 drops down) revealing a revolving decorative wheel and multi-colored LED flashing lights while one of seven great melodies (5 Beatles Songs and 2 Popular Japanese Songs) plays:
Miagetegoran Yoruno Hosio,
Hey Jude,
The Long and Winding Road,
Let It Be,
Kawano Nagarenoyouni,
Imagine. Click HERE to See Clock Video and Hear ALL SONGS

Gold-tone and metallic brown case. Click the picture for a better view or click the link below to watch a video! Auto Night Shut Off, Volume control, On/Off Switch & Demonstration button that let's you show off the clock anytime! Batteries are Included! Approximate dimensions 17" x 16" x 5"
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